Expire bientôt Air Liquide Sa


  • Frankfurt (Darmstadt)
  • Master, Titre d'ingénieur, Bac +5

Description de l'offre

Air Liquide has two major technology centers based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Engineering
& Construction Frankfurt (E&C FFM) and the Frankfurt Research & Technology Center (FRTC).
E&C FFM and FRTC are the leading engineering, technology and research centers for all
hydrocarbon conversion processes at Air Liquide. This mission will be hosted in the Innovation
dept of E&C Frankfurt, which leads or coordinates development programs, and supports all
innovation-related activities in the Center.
This mission will also involve regular contact with the Air Liquide Engineering and Research
centers in Paris.
The Innovation Dept is composed of an international team (France, Germany, India, Ireland, USA)
with a variety of specialities (process engineering, applied math, estimation, etc.) and areas of
focus (hydrogen, methanol, oleochemicals, carbon capture, etc.). For the purposes of this new
major development program, a core team of 10 developers hailing from a variety of depts in the
E&C and R&D centers has been assembled.
Mission description
Hydrogen is a key molecule for various processes in the chemical and refining industries, from the
production of fertilizers to the desulfurization or upgrading of fuels. In a context of climate change and transition to more sustainable energy systems, hydrogen is expected to play a major role as an energy buffer or vector for industry, transportation (e.g. fuel cell vehicles) and power (e.g.chemical energy storage).
Most hydrogen is produced today by a process known as Steam Methane Reforming (SMR),
which is both energy and carbon intensive. As a key player in the hydrogen economy, Air Liquide
has launched an ambitious development program, combining the E&C and R&D centers in Paris
and Frankfurt, to define the next generation of leading-edge Steam Methane Reformers, and to
provide the most efficient low carbon solutions to produce H2.
The mission will consist in joining the core team on this SMR development program, participating
in the screening and selection of innovative concepts, contributing or taking the lead on
development packages, and liaising between the E&C and R&D teams in Paris and Frankfurt.
Candidate profile
- Engineering or science background
- Flexible, adaptive
- Inclined towards creativity and initiative
- Comfortable with working autonomously
Interpersonal skills required
- Open-minded, curious
- Team-oriented