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  • V.I.E.
  • Frankfurt am Main (Regierungsbezirk Darmstadt)
  • July 1, 2019
  • Marketing

Job description

Air Liquide Global Engineering & Construction Solutions Germany GmbH is in the Air Liquide E&C business line one of the engineering companies among others in Europe, Africa, Middle East, SEA and America. Its location is in Frankfurt am Main. The E&C business is about the engineering and construction of plants which produce or process gases for customers’ needs.
From accounting perspective this business has its own peculiarities like the percentage-of
- completion method to reflect revenue. The E&C business is characterized by long-term construction with individual high-value customer contracts, global acting, hedging of currency effects, international taxation. Hence, the accounting team in Frankfurt is fully integrated into the E&C Finance: locally acting jointly together with Operations Control, Treasury and Taxes, globally with the finance teams of the other E&C companies. E&C Frankfurt is organizationally merged with E&C Krakow in Poland.
The office building is located on the north-eastern limits of Frankfurt am Main with good connection to the motorway and to the airport.
The E&C Frankfurt accounting team consists of six colleagues which are all english-speaking Germans. The Chief Accountant for the Frankfurt-Krakow Unit is South African, the CFO is Polish. There are a couple of colleagues in Operations Control and Treasury with French nationality.
The team consists of younger colleagues as well as experienced colleagues
- all with modern mindset.
The technical infrastructure is up-to-date
- as it is in the entire Air Liquide group.
Mission description
As a Financial Controller, you will have an opportunity to work with a multicultural team, ensuring the preparation of operational reporting to drive the business and the reliability of information provided. With a teamwork spirit and customer service mindset, you will provide daily support to our E&C accounting teams.
We value forward thinking individuals who are eager to use their creativity and skill set in order to deliver long-term performance and contribute to sustainability. If you strive for excellence and possess an entrepreneurial spirit, you will appreciate our dynamic collaborative team environment!
In this context, your will be trained to gather and process critical information, as well as how to communicate effectively their results. Also, the team and the manager will play a key role to support and provide the necessary information.
As a VIE, you will be in charge of:
1/ Accounts Receivable:
● Reflection of Receivables in the ERP System:
○ invoiced items, accrued items, hedged items, recurring items
○ supervision of the clearing process after payment
● Master Data control
● Documentation for completeness of all reflected receivables
● Reporting of Accounts Payables in the ALNET system
● Doing the Intercompany reconciliation, including communication and clarification of differences with the Air Liquide entities.
● Monthly analysis of FX-Effects related to the Hedge Accounting
2/ Closure:
● Prepare monthly and quarterly reports related to Accounts Receivable
● Overdue analysis reports for different purposes (Management, Reporting, Cash Collection)
● Recording of accruals etc.
3/ Analysis:
● Provide the required information to the auditors
● Developing periodic reports for management
● Recommending financial actions by analysing accounting options
● Keeping information confidential and secure
Candidate profile:
● serious interest and skills in accounting and bookkeeping
● well organized, analytical mindset
● good Excel / Google Sheets skills
● familiar with IT office tools
- Google Mail, Docs, Presentations
● some experience with ERP systems appreciated
Fields of study: Accounting or Controlling or Audit or Taxation
Work experience in Accounting would be an advantage but is not a must.
Interpersonal skills required
● team player
● approachable and communicative
● open-minded, curious
● exact
Duration: 12 Months
- with the intention to extend up to 24 months
Fluent in English
- German is not a must