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Learning & Development Engagement Partner (H/F)

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Description de l'offre

The Group Operations Transformation organization aims to support Group Operations in its role as a facilitator, based around innovation and implementation, via transformation and change management, HR capacities and communication:

· ensure the success of transformation projects within the Group Operations scope, by providing resources and transformation methods to enhance their implementation and acceptance, including Agile (to be confirmed)
· form skilled teams by anticipating evolution of the division's staff in terms of skill sets, development, fostering loyalty, mobility and motivation, with the gateway towards a range of opportunities and career pathways
· maintain constructive and respectful dialogue with staff representatives, to support a positive outcome for the main transformation and HR strategy projects
· involve all employees in the Group Operations division in a well-structured communication strategy, in favor of cooperation and a sense of belonging to a single, united organization, service our clients and their business activities, in an open an innovative working environment



The Leaning and Development head is fully accountable for L&D strategy definition and execution.

Provide a global support to both, business transformation (cultural change, strategic workshops…) and individual up-skilling and reskilling (both on soft and technical skills) while identifying, defining, designing, delivering and monitoring the learning and development solutions impact in close collaboration with the business and their respective HRBP, to continuously improve business relevance, efficiency and impact.

L&D has a key role to play to transform Group Operations into a continuous learning organization by influencing HR process, business process and continuously setup and promote new learning and development opportunities and format.



For one geographical territory for Group Operations - in close collaboration with HRBP, managers, employees, social relation – define and implement learning solutions to support business transformation and reinforce collaborators’ skills continuous improvement.

For large geographies the role might be divided among different Learning & Development Engagement Partners (LDEP) by business domains.

Continuously engage the local business, managers and learners in their learning journey to enable Group Operations to become a learning organization.

Promote, adapt and deploy global programs and academies within the geographical territory. Secure learner’s engagement in those global programs as for local ones.

Align local practices with the global L&D operations framework and recommendations.

Optimize and monitor Group Operations Learning and Development budget within one geographical territory.

Main Activities

Development of learning

· Align the professional learning and development orientations with global and local business priorities for Group Operations, in collaboration with business and other HR representatives (HRBP, Resourcing…) to ensure the development and reinforcement of collaborators’ skills and the achievement of the Business ambition.
· Deploy global learning programs such as academies in the geographical territory and ensure local business, managers and employees engagement in those programs.
· Continuously monitor the learning KPIs and budget
· Engage with local business owners and managers into a regular discussion to steer the activity with agility in regards of the business and individual needs.
· In collaboration with HRBPs, challenge learning and development needs regarding the learning budget, business challenges, partnerships with training organizations.
· Suggest, produce and present cases related to training to the work council, especially regarding the learning plan development, the different Commissions connected to Group Operations learning and development.
· Keep learning and be connected about new learning innovations, practices and trends, and identify projects and opportunities to test them within Group Operations.

Supervision and promotion of Learning:

Ensure the implementation, follow-up and operational management of learning by offering programs/projects, process, solutions, educational methodology, tools, KPI, dashboard, and all appropriate, digital, innovative and agile supports.

Ensure the follow-up of individual development actions, such as coaching, mentoring, 360 assessment and debriefing, …

Continuously promote the learning organization principles by organizing events, participating to department meetings…

Promote leaning in all its forms peer coaching, self-learning, project retrospectives, shadowing…


· Develop relations and interactions with professional public organizations to leverage new funding opportunities, comply with legal constraints...
Benchmark with other companies to get new ideas, compare our practice of L&D…

Create and optimize innovative partnerships with service providers acting in the training and HR development ecosystem.

Counsel, support and accompany employees, managers and HR representatives in all learning and development matters.

Ensure the training design, namely the creation and development of content and training projects/programs in collaboration with representatives/experts and/or suggest training solutions in partnership with third parties, ensuring their innovation, digitalization and agility such as their adaptation to the concerned targets and the agreed educational needs.

Learning operations:

· Model, follow-up and manage the learning & development budget and its optimization.
Organize service providers’ invoices to ensure their payment in time and in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Carry out all declarations, legal and social formalities related to the training activity (Social Report data, Group/RSG social data…).

Align training compliance to Group Operations compliance

Align local practices with the global L&D operations framework, process and recommendations.

Profil recherché

Qualifications :

Skills & Competencies

Transversal skills:

Interpersonal skills and yearning for interactions with collaborators, HRBPs, managers, external representatives…

Strong organizational and project management skills

Ability to navigate through change as well as manage change, especially in a fast-changing environment

Ability to negotiate, communicate and argue with internal and external representatives, especially service providers

·  At ease with data and analytics,
·  Local territory language proficiency and English proficiency is mandatory.
·  Good knowledge of digital trends, IT transformation and understanding of their impact on the business, culture and management,
·  Sense of innovation, digital and agility.

Technical and professional skills:

·  Knowledge/Expertise in Learning: plan definition, implementation, design, sourcing, LMS, operations…
·  Knowledge of financial optimization techniques, learning budget management and external financing management
·  Knowledge of the internal and external learning market